Arriving from the highway section Ljubljana – Obrežje, take the exit Drnovo and go in the direction of Krško:

Then in the second roundabout choose the utmost left exit, direction Velika vas. When you arrive in the village Velika vas, follow the major road with priority in the direction of Raka, Smednik. Before the village Velika vas ends, on top of the hill, turn right towards the direction of Senuše. The road leads you through a forest and further to the village Brezje near Senuše. Once there, go straight in the first crossroad, towards the direction of Brezovska Gora, Ajdovska jama. After a few hundred meters you arrive in the village Brezovska Gora.


Arriving from the direction of Celje:

Arriving in the city of Krško you at first follow the directions for the highway. On the main road (the road Cesta krških žrtev), at the crossroad beside the shopping malls turn right towards the village Leskovec near Krško. You drive pass the area of the primary school and in the first crossroad turn left towards the village. Driving on the main road you follow the directions for Ajdovska jama and the village of Senuše. From the village Leskovec near Krško you should drive pass the village Selce and further to the village Brezje near Senuše. Here, in the second crossroad turn right to the Brezovska Gora.